Goodbye Like A Bullet was started in late 2012 by William Boyle and Anthony Moretta as a forum for reviews and discussions of ’70s crime films.

From Brooklyn, NY. Lives in Oxford, MS. He is the author of Gravesend (Broken River Books). His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Mississippi Noir, Lazy Fascist Review, Needle: A Magazine of Noir, L.A. Review of Books, Salon, The Rumpus, Hobart, and other magazines and journals. More at wmboyle.wordpress.com.

Brooklyn-based writer, filmmaker and lawyer, who recently wrapped shooting on Travels, which he wrote and directed. His writing has appeared in Out of the Gutter and will be featured in the upcoming comics anthology Unfashioned Creatures from Red Stylo MediaA sucker for ’70s grit and grime, Anthony has jumped into this thing fist in mouth and head under water.

BOB HODGES, Contributor
Georgia expatriate in Seattle. Union teacher & doctoral student in 19th century American literature & critical theory. Writing has appeared in Edgar Allan Poe Review. Aficionado of movies, comic books, crime & speculative fictions, Irish whiskey, & SEC football.


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